The Orchid Foundation Workshop

Shared some of my drawing techniques with these beautiful Orchids who in turn inspired me with their bright minds, self-motivation, exciting education and fearless career plans. Ages 15-18, Coumba, Alexa and Michaella.


The Orchid Foundation's mission is to mentor underserved high school girls. They choose girls that are excelling in their academic and/or extracurricular pursuits and help fill the resource gap presented by their socioeconomic backgrounds. The “Orchids” are star athletes, honor students, poets, humanitarians and feminists packed into 14-18 year old powerhouses that deserve the same opportunities as the top ten percent.

Photos by Nichole Galicia

WeWork Portrait Drawing Techniques Seminar

Here’s Hodaya Louis leading a four-hour portrait drawing techniques seminar at the Greenwich WeWork space in June. In a small group setting Louis demonstrated the skills used to draw the female head using graphite, charcoal and pastel. A comprehensive look at portrait drawing, some of the topics covered were composition, line quality, values, capturing shadows and light, hair textures and eyes.


The Visionary Projects: Workshop

Last February, The Visionary Projects hosted Hodaya Louis for a two-day intensive workshop in Miami, Florida. The workshop, Expressional Beauty & Fashion Illustration, was designed for beginners and professionals alike to learn and refine their skills.

Many topics were related to portraiture techniques, including lessons on Illustrating the face - basic anatomy, proportions and shapes, charcoal techniques, involving composition and line quality, as well as how to create highlights and textures. Also discussed was how to paint metallic & gold leaf applications, mixed media finishing, including sealing and preservation techniques, and watercolor 101.

Wynwood, Miami, FL. February 2019. Photos by Haylee Barsky

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